So, last night I was driving down Oxford Street when I get a ping. Straight away I could see this rider was at the corner of Liverpool Street and Elizabeth Street (the corner of Hyde Park entrance to Museum Station). Obviously this was a bad place to wait, so I called him straight away to ask him to cross the street as it would be much easier to pick him up there + I was travelling straight down that side. He disconnected the call without answering. Great!
So I manage to do a turn to get to his side of the street, all the time hoping he’d at least had the sense to move away from the corner he had dropped the pin on. No such luck! There he was, standing on a corner, at traffic lights, at a bus lane – the perfect trifecta! To top it all off he was one of those early twenties hipster dudes with a bum-fluff mustache and a floral shirt buttoned all the way up to his Adam’s apple. :mad:
Luckily he was able to jump in quickly and away we went. So I say to him, “just for future reference mate, that’s a really bad place to wait for an Uber”. He looks at me in complete shock. “Why?”, he asks, as if it wasn’t completely obvious. “Well”, I said, “you’re standing at a bend which has buses coming around every couple of seconds. You’re also standing at traffic lights. And on top of that, there was a bus lane between me and where you were standing on the footpath”. He looks at me with a look of utter confusion which lets me know that none of what I said has been comprehended. So I make some friendly chat with him, being mindful to use small, simple words he should be able to understand – just to make him feel comfortable in case he thought I had been rude to point out the issues with his choice of pick-up location.
It’s a short trip to Paddington and in a few minutes we’re approaching his destination. As we approach, he says “eem, can you just drop me here?”. “Where?”, I asked, as I was looking at a street lined with parked cars and no obvious option for me to pull over. “Just here, on the corner”, he says.